How To Change Netgear Orbi Satellite Into A Wi-Fi Extender?

Did you know that you can use your old Orbi computer as a Wi-Fi extender as well? If not, this article will come in handy because we’ll be talking about how to use an Orbi computer as a Wi-Fi extender today.

The method works with Orbi Voice and outdoor versions, but you must have at least version 2 of your Orbi. The entire procedure will take approximately 20 minutes, and you can complete it without needing assistance, so let’s get started:

The first move is to clear all of your Orbi satellite’s settings. You will essentially be resetting your computer. Using a pointed device such as a paper clip, push and hold the reset button.

Prior to upgrading the router to an extender, you must first update the most recent version of the router’s firmware. Then, in the downloads section, look for the file labelled “extender mode for Orbi” and download it. Go to after you’ve downloaded the file, and you’ll be taken to the Netgear system settings portal. You must first go to the admin area, then to advanced, and finally to firmware update. As a result, you can use Orbi satellite as a Wi-Fi extension for any type of router.

To expand your Orbi, you must first sync it with the router, which involves having both devices close to each other. Then, press and hold the power and Sync buttons together. In about 20 seconds, you’ll see light blinking blue and white on Orbi. This means the machines are synchronising. The system is able to be configured as an extender when the LED turns solid blue.

Your Orbi may appear to be an Orbi, but it will now act as an extender. As a result, it now has the capability of re-transmitting the output of any Wi-Fi network. You are now able to link to the Wi-Fi extender. After that, open a web browser and type ‘www,’ for Windows or ‘mywifiext.local’ for Mac into the address bar.

  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you must create an online account. After you’ve completed these steps, the device will search your network and prompt you to choose between 2.4 and 5 GHz networks to connect to.
  • The network name that you want to use can now be configured.
  • You can now relocate the Wi-Fi extender to a new position where the signal quality appears to be poor.
  • Switch on the router and pay attention to the colour of the router’s LEDs.
  • You can check if the Wi-Fi extender is working properly by running a test on it. Whether it is, that is fantastic; if it is not, you should seek professional assistance.
  • That’s all there is to it when it comes to turning your Netgear Orbi into a Wi-Fi extender.

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