How to Troubleshoot Orbi to Existing Router ?

orbi satellite offline

Does the Wi-Fi network of your Orbi Router go offline often? If yes, then it could be due to poor internet signals, problems with modem access, obsolete version of your orbi router, etc. Here is the full procedure for addressing network problems and restoring the Orbi Wi-Fi network to its online state.

An orbi satellite offline, such as denied access to web sites, email accounts and other devices, may lead to various issues. If a user is actually suffering from any of these problems, this may be due to their offline Wi-Fi network at the moment. If the network is found to be offline, users must use the following Troubleshoot Orbi to Existing Router to get the Wi-Fi network offline again.

Steps for troubleshooting offline Wi-Fi network:

Restart your modem and try again if you are having trouble downloading your Orbi WiFi Device with the Orbi app:

  • If you’ve already linked your Orbi WiFi system’s router to your modem, disconnect it.
  • Before your router links, reboot your modem.
  • Link your modem to your router’s Internet port with an Ethernet cable after your modem reboots.
  • Once again, try updating your Orbi WiFi Device with the Orbi app.

Try to factory reset your Orbi to Existing Router.

Following are the steps to factory reset an orbi router:

  • Ensure the power LED light of router is ON.
  • Press the “Reset” button available behind the orbi router for a minimum of seven seconds and then release it. Users may take a small paper clip or pin to press and release the reset button. This will reset the settings to its default setup that might fix the network issue.
  • Check and ensure the power switch for orbi router or access point is ON.
  • Ensure the Network adaptor is in enabled state.
  • Try to renew the IP details for the network adaptor. For this, users may go through the followings steps:
  • Click once on the “Start” button followed by “Run” program.
  • Type in “cmd” and press enter key or OK button.
  • The command prompt window will open up on the screen. There, type in “ipconfig/ release” and press down the enter key for once.
  • Another command prompt will open up, there enter “ipconfig/renew” and press down the enter key for once.
  • The device will start obtaining the IP address. Ensure that the IP address is appropriate except 169.254.x.x or

Try to power cycle the computer as well as router. Simply power OFF the computer and router, wait for 20-30 seconds and then power on both the devices.

Ensure the password being used to connect to network is correct and is in the required case sensitive format.
That’s all how users can troubleshoot orbi router’s wireless network issues. Hope you found it helpful in troubleshooting the offline network. In case the issue persists, then users may contact Orbi tech support team for advanced technical support.

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